Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “pearl”
diminutive of Margaret

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Maisa, Maisee, Maisey, Maislee, Maisy, Maize, Maizey,
Maizie, Maizy, Mazie, Maislyn

Masie and Maisy TV and Movie Quotes:
“We were just talking about the tie murderer, Maisie.
You’d better watch out.” Frenzy (1972)
“I know you still love me. Maisy told me.”
Desperate Housewives: Come Back to Me (2004)

Famous people named Maisie or its variations
Maisie Richardson-SellersMazie Keiko HironoMaisie Carr

1. Maisie Richardson-Sellers (b. 1992), English actress
2. Mazie Keiko Hirono (b. 1947), American politician
3. Maisie Carr (1912–1988), Australian ecologist,
botanist; born Stella Grace Maisie Fawcett

Maisie Middle Names
Maisie Brielle
Maisie Fallon
Maisie Kyrah
Maisie Melina
Maisie Rose

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  1. Maizie says:

    Nicknames for MAIZIE~

    -May (Mai)
    -Zee (Coming off of maiZie)
    -Mango (Just a fun name coming of of MAizie)
    -Pearl (Meaning of name)
    -Zae (mAiZiE)
    -MZ (Close initials) (MaiZie)

    Hope this was helpful!

    • Maizie (a different one) says:

      My friends coworkers call me Corn sometimes because “maize” is spanish for corn.

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