Origin: Slavic, German

Meaning: “woman from Magdala”
short form of Magdalena

Best Nicknames
Mags, Maggi, Maggie, Maggy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Magdia, Magdie, Mayda, Maydia, Maydie

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
You’re getting a little too old to act that way, Magda.
Magda, your food is sitting her getting cold.
All good things come to those who wait, Magda.

Famous people named Magda or its variations

1. Magda Szubanski (b.1961), Australian actress, comedian
2. Magda Olivero (1910-2014), Italian opera star
born Maria Maddelena Olivero
3. Madga Cordell-McHale (1921-2008), Hungarian artist, educator
born Magda Lustigova

Magda Middle Names
Magda Coraline
Magda Elise
Magda Jeanne
Magda Sabrina
Magda Valeria

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