Origin: Latin

Meaning: “lovable”
diminutive of Amable

Best Nicknames
Mabs, May, Belle

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Mabelle, Mable, Maible, Maybel, Maybell, Maybelle

Mabel TV and Movie Quotes:
“Mabel, tonight’s date was a complete success.”
Gravity Falls: The Hand That Rocks the Mabel (2012)
“You wish to marry Mabel?”
An Ideal Husband (1999)

Famous people named Mabel or its variations

1. Mabel Mosquera (b.1969), Colombian weight lifter
2. Mabel Poulton (1901-90), British actress
3. Mabel Emily Besant-Scott (1870-1952), British occultist

Mabel Middle Names
Mabel Alice
Mabel Coretta
Mabel Josephine
Mabel Rose
Mabel Sophronia

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  1. Mabel says:

    Mum calls me Maybella
    Dad calls me Bell or Mabes

  2. Mable Owens says:


  3. Kati says:

    I call my daughter Mabe Lincoln.

  4. Mabel says:

    Mabes is a good one

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