Origin: Spanish, Italian

Meaning: “famous warrior”
from the Old German, Louise
feminine form of Luis

Best Nicknames:
Lu, Lula, Lulita, Luisita, Lulu

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Louisa, Louise, Louisetta, Louisette, Louisina, Louisiana,
Louisiane, Louisine, Louiza, Lovisa, Lowise, Loyise, Luise

Luisa TV and Movie Quotes:
” I just met her, and yet… I have fallen in love
with Luisa Rey.” Cloud Atlas (2012)
“Would you like to be an usherette, Luisa?”
The Good Fairy (1935)

Famous people named Luisa or its variations

1. Luisa Värk (b. 1987), Estonian singer
2. Luisa Castro (b. 1966). Spanish writer, journalist
3. Luísa Dias Diogo (b. 1958), former Prime Minister
of Mozambique (2004-10)

Luisa Middle Names
Luisa Beatriz
Luisa Dolores
Luisa Madeleine
Luisa Odette
Luisa Simone

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