Origin: German

Meaning: “friendly people”
also Latin, “divine light”

Best Nicknames:
Lu, Luda, Ludee, Ludi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Lidivine, Liduina, Lidvine, Lidwine, Liduvina,
Lidwina, Ludivina, Ludivyne, Ludiwine, Ludiwina,
Ludwine, Ludyvine, Lydwine

Ludivine TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ludivine? Don’t you think this is a bit much?”
A Good Year (2006)
“Ludivine, I do not think that any time”
Gran Hotel: El bautizo (2012)

Famous people named Ludivine or its variations

1. Ludivine Henrion (b. 1984), Belgian road bicycle racer
2. Ludivine Sagnier (b. 1979), French actress, model
3. Ludivine Kreutz (b. 1973), French golfing pro

Ludivine Middle Names
Ludivine Camille
Ludivine Irène
Ludivine Maelys
Ludivine Saphora

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