Origin: Latin

Meaning: “laurel”
combinaton of Lora + Ella

Best Nicknames:
Ella, Ellie, Lora, Lori, Rella, Relli

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Lorel, Loreley, Lorelle

Lorella Book Quotes:
“Where’s Lorella?” he asked, searching around.
The Heir of Kalanglasia (2005)
“Yes, I knew Lorella. She was a nice lady. And she
had excellent grammar.” Pemanently Booked (2016)

Famous people named Lorella or its variations

1. Lorella Stefanelli (b. 1959), Sammarinese politician
2. Lorella Cravotta (b. 1958), French comedian, actress
3. Lorella De Luca (1940-2014), Italian actress

Lorella Middle Names
Lorella Diahann
Lorella Frances
Lorella Jane
Lorella Louise
Lorella Theresa

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