Origin: Latin

Meaning: “from Lavinium”

Best Nicknames:
Lovey, Vinnie, Vinya

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Lavena, Lavenia, Lavina, Lavinie, Levenia, Levina,
Levinia, Livinia, Louvenia, Louvinia, Lovina, Lovinia,
Luvena, Luvenia, Luvina, Luvinia

Lavinia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Well, not just me, all girls are princesses. Even snotty, two-faced
bullies like you, Lavinia! A Little Princess (1995)
“I wonder if he’s looking for it here, Lavinia.”
The Heiress (1949)

Famous people named Lavinia or its variations

1. LavĂ­nia Gutmann Vlasak (b. 1976), Brazilian actress
2. Lavinia Greenlaw (born 1962) is an English poet, novelist
3. Lavinia Warren (1841-1919), wife of General Tom Thumb
born Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump

Lavinia Middle Names
Lavinia Amelia
Lavinia Charlotte
Lavinia Eleanor
Lavinia Frances
Lavinia June

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