Origin: Greek

Meaning: “shining light”
also, Irish Gaelic: little rock
Old German: precious (var. of Alana)
Hawaiian: afloat, calm

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Lanae, Lanah, Lanai, Lanette, Lanelle,
Lanni, Lanna, Lannah, Lanny, Lanya

Lana TV and Movie Quotes:
“You’re not a cat, Lana. Don’t skulk around like one.”
Smallville: Prototype (2007)
“Lana, you are one cranky girl.”
Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Famous people named Lana or its variations
Lana LangLana StefanacMC Lyte

1. Lana Lang, Superboy’s girlfriend
2. Lana Stefanac, American mixed martial artist
Nickname: Lethal Lana
3. MC Lyte, American rapper
Born Lana Michele Moorer

Lana Middle Names
Lana Charlene
Lana Jo
Lana Marie
Lana Rowanne

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