Origin: Latin

Meaning: “follower of Christ”
variant spelling of Christina

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Kris, Krissie, Kristie, Kristy, Tina

Kristina TV and Movie Quotes:
“It’s really important to you that Kristina’s a fake, isn’t it?”
The Mentalist: Seeing Red (2008)
“Obviously, I don’t want Kristina to suffer, either.”
General Hospital TV soap (1963-present)

Famous people named Kristina or its variations

1. Kristína Peláková (b. 1987), Slovak pop singer
2. Kristina Barrois (b. 1981), German tennis pro
3. Kristina Kerscher Keneally (b. 1968), Australian politician

Kristina Middle Names
Kristina Charlotte
Kristina Liliane
Kristina Marie
Kristina Noreen
Kristina Shayne

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  1. kristina shepherd says:

    tina turner
    krissy REESE’S
    krissy missy

  2. Kristana says:

    Krist kbanna kdizzle

  3. Kristina says:

    Kristi, Kris, Krissy, Kristine, Kristin

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