Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “the Lord adds; Jehovah increases”

Best Nicknames:
Fina, Jo, Jo Jo, Josie, Josey

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Giuseppina, Josefena, Josefine, Josefin,
Josephine, Josephina, Jozefina

Josefina TV and Movie Quotes:
“We’re gathered here to witness and bless the joining together
forever of William and Josefina in Christian marriage.”
Mystic Pizza (1988)
“Fun, ain’t it, Josefina?” Sharpe’s Eagle (1993)

Famous people named Josefina or its variations

1. Josefina Scaglione (born circa 1987), Argentinian actress
2. Josefin Lillhage (b. 1980), Swedish Olympic swimmer
3. Josefina Alys Hermes de Vasconcellos (1904-2005),
Brazilian-born English sculptor

Josefina Middle Names
Josefina Britt
Josefina Dayana
Josefina Felicity
Josefina  Miranda
Josefina Patience

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  1. Josefina says:

    Fini, Fina

  2. Josephina says:

    Jose, Hose, J├│zia

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