Origin: Latin

Meaning: “gem, jewel”
var. spelling of Gemma

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Gemma, Jaima, Jem, Jemima, Jemimah, Jemmi, Jemmy

Phrases You Might Say or Hear Someday:
Jemma is studying Shakespeare.
The stylist butchered Jemma’s hair!
Jemma has a playdate later.

Famous people named Jemma or its variations

1. Jemma McKenzie-Brown (b. 1994), English actress
2. Jemma Griffiths a.k.a. Jem (b. 1975), Welsh singer, songwriter
3. Jemma Redgrave (b. 1965), English actress
born Jemima Rebecca Redgrave

Jemma Middle Names
Jemma Anne
Jemma Carlotta
Jemma Louise
Jemma Marjorie
Jemma Selina

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