Origin: French

Meaning: “Little Jean”
diminutive of Jean or Jeanne

Best Nicknames:
Jeanee, Jeanni, Jeanie, Jeannie, Jen,
Jenni, Jennie, Jenny, Nettie, Netty

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Jeannetta, Jeannette, Jenetta, Jenetta, Jennette, Jennetta

Jeanette TV and Movie Quotes:
“But Miss Jeanette was a fake. She scammed people by
makin’ up crazy rituals.” True Blood: Frenzy (2009)
“Then tell me where, Jeannette, towards what would you go?”
Joan of Arc (1948)

Famous people named Jeanette or its variations

1. Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy (b. 1992), American actress
2. Jeanette Biedermann (b. 1980), German singer, actress
3. Jeanette Anna MacDonald (1903-65), American singer, actress

Jeanette Middle Names
Jeanette Amelia
Jeanette Christyne
Jeanette Lauren
Jeanette Rose
Jeanette Topaz

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