Jaime (Girl)

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “he who supplants”
variant of James

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Jamee, Jamey, Jamie, Jayme, Jaymee

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Jaime loves onion rings.
Let’s get the Rainy Day Box out, Jaime.
Jaime just grew out of kid size socks.

Famous people named Jaime or its variations

1. Jaime Elizabeth Pressly (b. 1977), American actress, model
2. Jaime King (b. 1979), American actress, model
3. Jaime Murray (b. 1977), English actress

Jaime Middle Names
Jaime Aubree
Jaime Delaney
Jaime Elayna
Jaime Melissa
Jaime Scarlett

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  1. stalker says:

    For a girl called Jaimie/Jaime/Jamie, there aren’t a lot of nicknames. I know someone called Jaimie and I might call them:
    – JJ
    – Amie
    – MiMi

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