Origin: Latin

Meaning: “milky white”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ivee, Ivie, Ivy, Ivoree, Ivoreen, Ivorey, Ivorie, Ivorine

Ivory TV and Movie Quotes:
“Adidas can’t hold a nickel next to Nike! Ask Ivory!”
Friday Nights Lights (2000)
“Who’s Ivory?” The Wild Pair (1987)

Famous people named Ivory or its variations

1. Ivory Rose McCulley (b. 1993), American actress, model
2. Ivory Tiffin, American actress
3. Lisa Moretti (b. 1961), American wrestling pro
ring name: Ivory

Ivory Middle Names
Ivory Faith
Ivory Lucinda
Ivory Odette
Ivory Regina
Ivory Topaz

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