Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “body of water”
or the name of the country India

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Indee, Indi, Indie, Indy, Indya

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Do you want scrambled eggs with cheese, India?
India never misses a beat.
That’s a pretty fishy story, India.

Famous people named India or its variations

1. India Joy Eisley (b. 1993), American actress
2. India Arie (b. 1975), American singer
born India Arie Simpson
3. India King (b. 1974), American actress
born Tia Luana Easley

India Middle Names
India Chelsey
India Heather
India Lucille
India Noelle
India Renee

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  1. India says:

    i get called bindi and indi alot. sometimes indi-bindi, inda-binda, in, bin, bins, inda-pinda, indi-pindi

  2. India says:

    I just get called indipindi, indipinditori, paki or Cuba (other countries) alot

  3. India says:

    A nickname I really like people to use for me is just Ind. Indy, along with other variations tend to sound slightly childish, so I definitely prefer Ind.

    • India says:

      True some people used to call me Indi until I started puttin i at the end of their names and they finally realized how I felt so then they started callin me Indiana

  4. YoYoYo says:

    Yo wasup

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