Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: “fig tree”
also Arabic, feminine form of Idris: “leader, prophet”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Edie, Edra, Eddra, Iddra, Idi, Idi, Idrah, Ydra

Idra Book Quotes
“His account of Idra and her house was perfect.”
Greater Things Than Thou (2017)
“I can’t imagine Idra leaving anything to chance.”
Oathbreakers (1989)

Famous people named Idra or its variations

1. Idra Novey (b. 1978), American poet
2. Eddra Gale (b. 1921-2001), American actress

Idra Middle Names
Idra Delphine
Idra Charlene
Idra Malinda
Idra Roberta
Idra Wrenn

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