Origin: Latin

Meaning: “woman of honor”
virtue name

Best Nicknames
Onnie, Onny, Nori, Nouri

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Honora, Honorah, Honore, Honoria, Honour

Phrases you may say or hear someday:
Bundle up, Honor, or you’ll catch your death.
Honor has been a little colicky lately.
Strawberry shortcake is Honor’s favorite dessert.

Famous people named Honor or its variants

1. Honor Moore, American author, poet
2. Honor Maria Ford-Smith (b. 1951), Jamaican actress, poet
3. Honor Blackman (b. 1925), English actress

Honor Middle Names
Honor Diane
Honor Kayleigh
Honor Melanie
Honor Sandrine
Honor Theodosia

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