Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “gentle, generous”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Halema, Haleema, Haleemah, Haleima, Halimah, Helima, Helma

Halima Book Quotes:
“Delana had brought Halima along, on a spirited white mare”
The Path of Daggers (1999)
“Finally, Halima opened her eyes, looked around and saw Mama
Asura next to her.” Mikela: Memoirs of a Maasai Woman (2004)

Famous people named Halima or its variants

1. Halima Hachlaf (b. 1988), Moroccan runner
2. Halima Chehaima (b. 1988), Belgian beauty queen,
Miss Brussels 2007
3. Halema Boland (b. 1980), Kuwaiti TV host, journalist

Halima Middle Names
Halima Candace
Halima Ines
Halima Jessenia
Halima Ni-mah
Halima Summar

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