Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: “battle”
Latinized form of Gunhild

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Gunda, Gunhilda, Gunhilde, Gunilda, Gunillah

Best Nicknames
Ginni, Gunni, Nilli, Nilla

Unrelated Nicknames
Domino, Duchess, Foxy, Rebel

Gudrun TV and Movie Quotes:
“Gunilla.. Oh my gosh, I’m late.”
Involuntary (2008)
“Gunilla was never content.”
The Girls (1968)

Famous people named Gunilla or its variations
Gunilla BackmanGunilla PerssonGunilla Hutton

1. Gunilla Backman (b. 1965), Swedish singer, actress
2. Gunilla Persson(b. 1958), Swedish model, TV personality
3. Gunilla Hutton (b. 1944), Swedish-American actress, singer

Gunilla Middle Names
Gunilla Astrid
Gunilla Cecelie
Gunila Ines
Gunilla Signe

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