Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “wolf river”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Guadelupe, Guadeloupe, Lupe, Lupita

Guadalupe Book Quotes:
“Guadalupe listened but she didn’t understand Nicole’s
reasons clearly.” Baja El Puente (2008)
“Guadalupe didn’t like people tracking in dirt on her
clean floors.” Right from the Start (2013)

Famous people named Guadalupe or its variations

1. Guadalupe Socorro Flores Salazar (b. 1971), Mexican politician
2. Lupita Jones (b. 1968), Mexican beauty queen, Miss
Universe 1991; born MarĂ­a Guadalupe Jones Garay
3. Lupita D’Alessio (b. 1954), Mexican singer, actress;
born Guadalupe Contreras; nickname: La Leona Dormida

Guadalupe Middle Names
Guadalupe Angel
Guadalupe Clara
Guadalupe Ilaria
Guadalupe Maite
Guadalupe Sofia

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