Origin: Latin

Meaning: “favor; blessing”
virtue name

Best Nicknames:
Ella, Gracee, Gracia, Gracie, Gratia, Grazia

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Engracia, Eugracia, Grace, Gracella, Graciella, Gracielle,
Gracija, Gratiana, Gratiella, Graziella, Graziosa

Graciela Book Quotes:
“Santa stared at Graciela, then reached for her flask.”
Song of the Ater Saints (2007)
“He needed to find Graciela and leave this place.”
Tequila Sunset (2012)

Famous people named Graciela or its variations

1. Graciela Beltrán (b. 1974), Mexican singer, actress
2. Graciela Alfano (b. 1952), Argentine model, actress
3. Graciela Dixon, Panamanian jurist

Graciela Middle Names
Graciela Angelique
Graciela Estafania
Graciela Luz
Graciela Nicole

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