Origin: Irish Gaelic

Meaning: “glen”
feminine of Glen or Glenn

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Gleana, Glenda, Gleneen, Glenene, Glenine, Glen,
Glenn, Glenne, Glennette, Glennie, Glyn, Glynn

Phrases You May Say or Hear Someday:
Help me fold the laundry, Glenna.
Glenna’s going ice skating with her friends.
When pigs fly, Glenna.

Famous people named Glenna or its variations

1. Glenna F. Hansen (b. 1956), Inuvialuit Canadian politician
2. Glenna Collett Vare (1903-1989), American Hall of Fame
golf champ
3. Glenna Smith Tinnin (1877-1945), American suffragette

Glenna Middle Names
Glenna Faye
Glenna Ilana
Glenna Joan
Glenna Ruth
Glenna Theresa

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