Origin: German

Meaning: “oath, pledge”

Best Nicknames:
Zell, Zella, Zelli, Zellie, Zelly

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ghisele, Gisela, Gisella, Giselda,
Giselle, Gizela, Gizelle, Gizela

Gisele TV and Movie Quotes:
“Oh, Gisele! I wish I could make that happen, Gisele
would make Daniel forget about Sofia.”
Ugly Betty (2006 TV Series)
“What do you actually see in her, compared to, say,
a supermodel like Gisele?” Peep Show:
Mark Makes a Friend

Famous people named Gisele or its variations

1. Gisele Caroline Bündchen (b. 1980), Brazilian fashion model
2. Gisèle Halimi (b. 1927), French-Tunisian lawyer, feminist activist
born Zeiza Gisèle Élise Taïeb
3. Gisèle Pascal (1921-2007), French actress
born Gisèle Marie Madeleine Tallone

Gisele Middle Names
Gisele Chloe
Gisele Kylie
Gisele Melina
Gisele Selena
Gisele Therese

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