Origin: German

Meaning: “bright promise”
feminine form of Gilbert

Best Nicknames:
Bert, Berta, Bertie, Gigi, Gil, Gillie, Gilly

Variations and Sound-Alikes:
Gilbertha, Gilberthe, Gilbertina, Gilbertine

Gilberta TV and Movie Quotes:
“Gilberta looks back in the distance.”
The Woman Pope (2007)
“He worked with a woman named Gilberta Nunez.”
Bordering on Hatred (2006)

Famous people named Gilberta or its variations

1. Gilberta Crispino (b. 1971), Italian actress
2. Gilberta Guth-Pierson, American writer
3. Gilberte Zouein, Lebanese politician

Gilberta Middle Names
Gilberta Dionne
Gilberta Meryl
Gilberta Paulette
Gilberta Yesenia

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