Origin: Italian

Meaning: “beloved”

Best Nicknames:
Fila, Filly, Menna, Mennie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Filimena, Filomene, Filumena, Philimena,
Philomena, Philomene, Philomina

Filomena TV and Movie Quotes:
“So, I tear up my priest application, ask Filomena to marry
me, and we live the next 72 years in wedded bliss.”
The Golden Girls: My Brother, My Father (1988)

Famous people named Filomena or its variations

1. Filomena José Dias Fernandes Cautela (b. 1984),
Portuguese actress
2. Filomena Rotiroti (b. 1974), Quebec politician
3. Filomena Moretti (b.1973), Italian guitarist

Filomena Middle Names
Filomena Claire
Filomena Juliet
Filomena Kaye
Filomena Rose
Filomena Teresa

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