Origin: Latin

Meaning: “happy, lucky”
feminine of Felix

Best Nicknames:
Felish, Fleesh, Leeshie, Leesha

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Falecia, Faleece, Falicia, Falisha, Falishia, Felice,
Feliciana, Felicidad, Felicie, Felicienne, Feliciona,
Felisa, Felise, Felisha, Feliza, Filicia, Filisha,
Phalicia, Phelicia, Phylicia, Phyllicia, Phyllish

Felicia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Another person’s trouble can lift the mind, Felicia.”
Felicia’s Journey (1999)
“Felicia Fancybottom? What am I, a James Bond villain?”
Psych: Poker? I Barely Know Her (2007)

Famous people named Felicia or its variations

1. Felicia Pearson (b. 1980), American actress, rapper, author
2. Felicia Day (b. 1979), American actress
born Kathryn Felicia Day
3. Felicia Farr (b. 1932), American actress
born Olive Dines

Felicia Middle Names
Felicia Amanda
Felicia Crystal
Felicia Elyse
Felicia Lindsey
Felicia Sydney

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