Origin: Persian

Meaning: myrtle leaf

Variations, Nickname and Sound Alikes:
Essie, Essy, Esta, Estee, Ester, Estera

Esther TV and Movie Quotes:
“Your Aunt Esther, the Hunchface of Notre Dame.”
Sanford and Son: Sanford and Niece (1974)
“Esther’s fittin’ right in.” Orphan (2009)

Famous people named Esther or its variations

1. Esther Seibt (b. 1981), German actress
2. Esther Ouwehand (b. 1976), Dutch politician
3. Esther Freud (b. 1963), British novelist

Esther Middle Names:
Esther Abigail
Esther Faith
Esther Lynne
Esther Phoebe
Esther Sharyce

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