Origin: Old German

Meaning: earnest, serious

Best Nicknames:
Nessie, Nessy, Teenie, Tina, Tyna

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Earnestine, Erna, Ernaline, Ernesta, Ernestina, Ernestyna

Ernestine TV and Movie Quotes:
“Hey Lady Ernestine! Gimme a shot of Jackie D, will ya?”
Stonewall (1989)
“Say, do you know what Ernestine calls me? Ready Freddy”
Sanford & Son: A Pad for Lamont (1972)
“That’s the first time you’ve ever called me Ernestine.”
Get Smart: A Man Called Smart Part 3 (1967)

Famous people named Ernestine or its variations

1. Ernestine Anderson (b. 1928), American jazz and blues singer
2. Ernestine Wade (1906-83), American actress
3. Ernestine Louise Rose (1810-92), American feminist, abolitionist

Ernestine Middle Names:
Ernestine Coral
Ernestine Diane
Ernestine Joy
Ernestine Marie
Ernestine Sarah

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