Origin: German

Meaning: “embracing all”

Best Nicknames:
Em, Emmi, Emmie, Emmy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Emelina, Emeline, Emelyne,
Emme, Emmett, Emmette

Emma TV and Movie Quotes:
“I can assure you, this man’s interest in Emma is not
monetary.” CSI: Miami – Body Count (2003)
“I’m a good man, Emma. I’ll treat you right.”
Glee: Showmance (2009)
“Emma, you didn’t ask me to contribute a riddle.”
Emma (1996)

Famous people named Emma or its variations

1. Emma Rose Roberts (b. 1991), American actress, singer
2. Emma Thompson (b. 1959), British actress, comedian
3. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (b. 1990), English actress

Emma Middle Names
Emma Camille
Emma Lauren
Emma Lianne
Emma Opal
Emma Robinette

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  1. emma says:

    my parents call me emmylou after that George strait song

  2. Emma says:

    Em, ems, ee-mah, m&m, emma bemma, emmay

  3. owen says:

    so it just my name so yeah.

  4. Emma says:

    most people call me emma, but my closest friends call me emma schmemma, when my friends want to annoy me they call me emma sistemma, other people also call me em, emmie, ems, or emster

  5. Emma M says:

    Usually since my name is Emma M. people will say M&M because it sounds similar.

  6. emma says:

    emmr, em, emme, egg, m&m, ems, emmie, bambie, em em, eg

  7. emma says:

    emm, em, emsicle, emmie, emmy, emmi, emms, ems, m&m, emmabear, emma bo bemma, emma lemma,

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