Origin: German

Meaning: noble

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Els, Else, Elsie, Elssa, Elsy, Helsa, Ilsa, Ilse

Elsa TV and Movie Quotes:
“Elsa never really believed in the grail.”
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
“We were trying to help and then Elsa had to press
that button.” Operation Condor (1991)
“Elsa! You’ve struck oil – stop drilling!”
Alex & Emma (2003)

Famous people named Elsa or its variations

1. Elsa Benitez (b. 1977), Mexican supermodel
born Elsa Benitez Yañez
2. Elsa Florence Zylberstein (b. 1968), French actress
3. Elsa Martinelli (b. 1935), Italian actress
born Elisa Tia

Elsa Middle Names:
Elsa Cornelia
Elsa Gretchen
Elsa Johanna
Elsa Phoebe
Elsa Rachel

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