Origin: German

Meaning: “foreign”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ela, Elle, Ellee, Elli, Ellie, Elly

Ella TV and Movie Quotes:
“Only Ella remains, God bless her.”
Mother and Child (2009)
“Never mind “Ella”. Who the frig do you think you are?”
East is East (1999)
“Do call me Ella; Cruella sounds so — cruel.”
102 Dalmations (2000)

Famous people named Ella or its variations

1. Ella Chen (b. 1981), Chinese singer (S.H.E.)
born Chen Chia-Hwa
2. Ella Jane Fitzgerald (1917-96), American jazz singer
3. Ella Pamfilova (b. 1953), Russian politician

Ella Middle Names
Ella Camille
Ella Georgianne
Ella Marie
Ella Theodosia
Ella Suzanne

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  1. ella says:

    any of my fellow ellas copy me ill be after you xx

  2. Ella says:

    some of my friends used to call me LL (pronounced elle elle) !!

  3. Ella says:

    my names ella and all my friends just call me ella. i hate it. i want something more fun, like a change from ella that people can call me

  4. Ella (aka El) ((: says:

    I’ve had some of my friends calls me Elmo and Ellagator :^)

    Normally though I just go by El.

    But I’ve heard Ellie, Elly, E, rarely I’ll get just an “L”
    There’s been a few times I’ve been called Mads (my middle name is Madison) but it’s extremely rare!

  5. Ella says:

    people sometimes call me Ell for short

  6. Ella says:

    does any other ella’s have this problem with people they spell your name wrong they spell it like alla for me it happens all the time and it’s so annoying

    • BELLLLAAAAAA says:

      Not at all

    • Ella says:

      omg me toooo cute I Kinda like it like that
      lets go squad

    • Ella says:

      1. Ellie is a nickname for Ella, my friends call me Ellie all the time. It’s the same as calling someone called Elizabeth, ‘Lizzy’ or ‘Beth’ they are still names of others but they can be nicknames to.
      2. This website provides 0 actual nicknames

    • vj says:

      It’s kinda funny that you are complaining with No. 2. Ellie is one of the nicknames listed for Ella in the post. We are truly mystified by people who come on here and ask or expect us to give them a nickname.

      1. Nowhere on this site does it say we will give anyone a nickname
      2. People generally don’t like nicknames given to them by strangers. I tried to help a kid who asked me to give him a nickname once and suggested at least 6 possibilities that he promptly rejected. See how that works?
      3. Parents, friends and lovers are the ones who usually give folks the nicknames that they love.
      4. We could list all the cutesy add-ons that can be added to any name – like (name) bear, (name) bunny (name) boo, and so on and so on, but we assumed that if a lot of people get called by those add-ons, they would mention it in the comments, and a lot of people do contribute the nicknames they love and hate.
      5. If you have a constructive suggestion, we’re all ears.

    • Ella says:

      my name is Ella and my friends call me cinder Ella and some people call me Nutella witch I don’t mind.

  7. Ella says:


  8. Elena says:

    My name is Elena and ppl call me with two nicknames Ella and Ellie but if you want to go shorter, you can use Els

  9. Ella says:

    I have a friend called ellie and people get confused and mix up our names, so people started calling me Lea, so it was less confusing

  10. Ella says:

    For anyone named ‘Ella’ struggling to find a cute, suitable nickname, I can relate. I’ve always disliked my name because I found it boring, I would meet people like ‘Riley’ or ‘Brynn’ and would be forever jealous of having a fun, unique name like them. Some names can easily be transferred into a cute nickname, like Mackenzie, into Kenzie. After sitting here being ‘creative’ I’ve come up with a couple of nicknames for Ella. My most favourite would be, ‘Ellie’ although it may seem like a name for a toddler, or youngster. Ellie would suit someone with a fun, upbeat personality who is always happy. A close second would be ‘Ells’ it looks like someone misspelled ‘Ella’ but it sounds super adorable. It would fit with someone shy, lovable and someone with a great sense of humor. Some more could include, Elle, or maybe even Bella. If you cant find a suitable name that you enjoy being called, maybe start going by your middle name. My middle name is ‘Marie’ and some close family members call me ‘Ella Marie’ which has a nice ring to it.

  11. Ella says:

    My name is Ella and not many people I know are called Ella. Most of my friends call me Els, El, Ella-Bella or Ells-Bells.

  12. ella says:


  13. Ella says:

    Hi my name is Ella not Ellie but I do have a cousin Elie but I recommend Ella the best name ever!!!!

  14. Ellie - Ella, Ell, Elly, Elle, ... says:

    Hi. I am Ellie. Not Ella. Ella and Ellie is two names. Ellie is not nickname for Ella. Ellie is name. Ellie is name. Because Elly, Ell, Elle, … is not names. This is nicknames. Ella and ELLIE is not nicknames … is on calendar and have datum – Elle and Ell, Elly… not have datums. Elli is nickname, ElliE is name. …

    • Ello says:


    • Ella says:

      My friend is called Ellie and people always get our names mixed up, so now most people call me Lea, or just Leigh

    • Ella says:

      u seem kinda salty but sweet like maccas chicken nugget sauce
      c’mon sister stay positive like Billie

    • Lol says:

      Elle IS a name

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