Origin: Greek

Meaning: “sun ray, shining light”

Best Nicknames:
El, Ella, Elle, Elli, Ellie, Nell, Nellie,
Nelly, Nora, Nori, Noree

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Elanor, Eleanora, Eleanore, Elenor, Elenora,
Elenore, Eleonor, Eleonora, Eleonore, Elianora,
Elianore, Elienora, Elienore, Elinor, Elinore

Eleanor TV and Movie Quotes:
“It’s ok, Eleanor. It can be fixed.”
Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)
“This is a pharmacy, not a voodoo store, Eleanor.”
Doc Martin: Mother Knows Best (2011)

Famous people named Eleanor or its variations

1. Eleonora Di Miele (b. 1979), Italian actress
2. Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), American First Lady from
1933-1945, born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
3. April March (b. 1965), American indie pop singer,
born Elinor Blake

Eleanor Middle Names
Eleanor Damaria
Eleanor Felice
Eleanor Ione
Eleanor Leatrice
Eleanor Philippa

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  1. Elsa no more says:


  2. Kate v. says:

    My best friends name is Ellie
    But I call her

  3. Randy says:

    I call my daughter Ms Ellington Wellington the Third (very formal). My son calls her Elli Belly.

  4. Eleanor says:

    My mom calls me Ewa my dad calls me El Belle and my sisters and brothers and friends call me Ellie

  5. Billie says:

    Billie gotta pay Dem bill’s

  6. Billie Vrieze says:

    I call my friend El Bell. She is a great friend but how do I know if she is a loyal friend.

  7. Eleanor says:

    I’m a tomgirl and I love my nicknames and alll my friendes call me Els but when I play sports I’m ortimatically ‘Elz’ for sport.

    Elz and Els is a really good nicknames for Eleanor. Hope this helps anyone.

  8. Eleanor Redfern wilson says:

    Elle and elby

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