Origin: French

Meaning: “sacred battle”
French form of Hedwig

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Edda, Eddi, Edvige, Edwidge, Edwig, Hedwig, Hedwige

Edwige Book Quotes:
“Edwige looked thoroughly confused.” Her Banished Lord (2010)
“That’s a cool name, Edwige. Sounds beautiful.” Unnatural (2011)

Famous people named Edwige or its variations

1. Edwige Lawson-Wade (b. 1979), French basketball pro
2. Edwidge Danticat (b. 1969), Haitian-American author
3. Edwige Feuillère (1907-98), French actress;
born Edwige Louise Caroline Cunatti

Edwige Middle Names
Edwige Dominique
Edwige Françoise
Edwige Lenora
Edwige Pauline
Edwige Suzette

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