Origin: Old English

Meaning: noblewoman

Variations, Nicknames Sound Alikes:
Arline, Earla, Earlie, Earlina, Erlene,
Erlina, Erline, Erlyn, Irlena, Irlene

Earline Book Quotes:
“Earline constantly berated Anna …”
This Mother’s Daughter (2001)
“Erline, however, would greet him like a son.”
The Transition of Sinful Sadie (2002)

Famous people named Earline or its variations

1. Earline W. Parmon (b. 1943), American politician
(Dem., N.C.)
2. Irlene Mandrell (b. 1956), American singer, actress
born Ellen Irlene Mandrell
2. Erline Harris (1914-2004), American R&B singer
born Erlyn Eloise Johnson

Earline Middle Names:
Earline Anna
Earline Cordelia
Earline Margaret
Earline Olive
Earline Pearl

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