Origin: Greek

Meaning: “God’s gift”

Best Nicknames:
Dodee, Dodi, Dodie, Dody, Dore,
Doree, Dorie, Dorrie, Dora, Dory,
Dolly, Tea, Thea

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Dorika, Dorina, Dorita, Dorota, Dorotea,
Dorothée, Dorotéia, Dorothy, Doroteja,
Dorotha, Dorottya, Dorthea

Dorothea Book Quotes:
“And Dorothea burst into tears again.”
Enchanted Chocolate Pot (2004)
“They had named her Dorothea and they called her Thea…”
Your Child and Mine (1909)

Famous people named Dorothea or its variations

1. Dorothea Lasky (b. 1978), American poet
1. Dorothea Towles Church (1922-2006), American fashion model
2. Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-87), American activist

Dorothea Middle Names:
Dorothea Clare
Dorothea Ellen
Dorothea Harmonie
Dorothea Lucille

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