Dorian (Girl)

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “maintains possessions well”
variant of Doria or Doris

Best Nicknames:
Dori, Dorri, Dorrie, Dory

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Darian, Doriane, Doriana, Doran, Doriana, Dorran, Dorrian

Dorian TV and Movie Quotes:
“You have the gall to comment on my behavior? Look at yourself,
Dorian.” One Life to Live (1993)
“Dorian, what in God’s name are you doing here?”
One Life to Live (1994)
“Dorian understands me as no woman ever has.”
One Life to Live (2003)

Famous people named Dorian or its variations

1. Dorian Leigh (1917-2008), American supermodel
born Dorian Elizabeth Leigh Parker
2. Dorian Gray (1928-2011), Italian actress
born Maria Luisa Mangini

Dorian Middle Names:
Dorian Jane
Dorian Kay
Dorian Marina
Dorian Nadette
Dorian Prudence

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