Origin: Greek

Meaning: “gift”

Best Nicknames:
Dodee, Dodi, Dodie, Dody, Dore,
Doree, Dorie, Dorrie, Dory

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Dorae, Dorah, Dorea, Dorelle, Doretta,
Dorette, Doria, Dorina, Dorinda, Dorita

Dora TV and Movie Quotes:
“Then you’re the Dumbest Dora I ever met”
Boardwalk Empire: Trouble in Paradise (2010)
“Dora! Woe, woe! How can such a thing be!”
A Serious Man (2009)
“So that’s your big statement? ‘Dora’s a ghost?'”
Danny Phantom: Beauty Marked (2006)

Famous people named Dora or its variations

1. Dora van der Groen (b. 1927), Belgian actress.
2. Dora May Bryan (b. 1923), English actress
3. Dora Jessie Saint (1913-2012), English novelist,
maiden name: Shafe; pen name: Miss Read

Dora Middle Names:
Dora Francine
Dora Madeline
Dora Noelle
Dora Rosanne

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