Origin: French

Meaning: “of the lord; the lord’s day”

Best Nicknames:
Domi, Domeek, Meeka, Mika, Nika, Niqua

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Domanique, Domenica, Domenique, Domineke, Dominga,
Domini, Dominica, Dominie, Dominika, Domorique

Dominique TV and Move Quotes:
“Dominique. Wasn’t there a singing nun by that name?”
Dynasty (1981 TV Series)
“You’re seeing Dominique tomorrow?”
Va Savoir (Who Knows?) (2001)

Famous people named Dominique or its variations

1. Dominique Ariane Swain (b. 1980), American actress
2. Dominique Sanda (b. 1951) French actress
born Dominique Marie-Françoise Renée Varaigne
3. Miss Dominique (b. 1978), French singer
born Dominique Michalon

Dominique Middle Names:
Dominique Emma
Dominique Lucie
Dominique Marie
Dominique Romane
Dominique Zoé

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    Nikki, kiki, mini,mindy, meeke,domi,monique, eek, dd, niki, micky, mo,
    my babies name is dominique desiree claire Van

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