Origin: Latin

Meaning: “divine”

Best Nicknames:
Dede, Dee, DeeDee, Di, Didi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Deane, Deann, Deeane, Diahann, Diahanne, Dian,
Diann, Dianne, Dyan, Dyane, Dyann, Dyanne
see Diana for variations ending in ‘a’

Diane TV and Movie Quotes:
“Diane, I am now upside-down.”
Twin Peaks: Episode #2.5 (1990)
“You’re almost as handsome as Diane says you think you are.”
Cheers: Someone Single, Someone Blue (1983)
“Harry was once engaged to Diane Sawyer.”
Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Famous people named Diane or its variations

1. Diane Lane (b. 1965), American film actress.
2. Diane Sawyer (b. 1945), American news anchor
born Lila Diane Sawyer
3. Dyan Cannon (b. 1937), American actress
born Samille Diane Friesen

Diane Middle Names:
Diane Beth
Diane Juliet
Diane Lourdes
Diane Marie
Diane Odette

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  1. Dianne says:

    They call me yannie/anne/yanne/diya/dye/di-an/

  2. diane mansfield says:

    I was called as a child “Dianamo” – dynamo

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