Devon (Girl)

Origin: English

Place name: county in England

Best Nicknames:
Dev, Devi, Devvie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Devan, Devana, Devanna, Deven, Devenne,
Devin, Devonne, Devvon, Devyn, Devynn

Devon TV and Movie Quotes:
“Devon, Devon, Devon, Devon, lies are not explanations.”
Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! (1968)
Cop and 1/2 (1993)
“Get Devon off the floor.”

Famous people named Devon or its variations

1. Devon Edwenna Aoki (b. 1982), American model, actress
1. Devon Odessa (b. 1974), American actress
2. Devon Sproule (b. 1982), Canadian-American singer, musician

Devon Middle Names:
Devon Celeste
Devon Joan
Devon Lorraine
Devon Madison
Devon Pauline

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    And I LOVE HIM!!!

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