Origin: French

Meaning: “follower of Dionysus”

Best Nicknames:
Deney, Deni, Denni, Dennie, Denny, Dinnie,
Dinny, Neecy, Niecy, Neeni, Nisi, Nycie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Denese, Denice, Deniece, Denisa, Denissa, Denisse,
Denize, Denisse, Dennise, Denyce, Denys, Denyse

Denise TV and Movie Quotes:
“You don’t get it, do you Denise?” Hot Rod (2007)
“I will give you four cows for Denise’s hand in marriage!”
Without a Paddle (2004)
“Denise, eat this, otherwise it’ll go bad.”
The Day After (1983)

Famous people named Denise or its variations

1. Denise Lee Richards (b. 1971), American actress
2. Denise van Outen (b. 1974), English actress, singer
born Denise Kathleen Outen
3. Denise Ho Wan-See, a.k.a. HOCC, (b. 1977),
Hong Kong Cantopop singer

Denise Middle Names:
Denise Amber
Denise Eliza
Denise Lauren
Denise Michelle
Denise Taryn

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  1. Denise says:

    I always liked my name because it’s not too common. Only annoyance is that ridiculous deniece or denephew joke. People usually call me Dee or DeeDee.

  2. Denise says:

    Have always hated my name and all the nicknames. Dizzy Denise. Duhduhduhnise. Neezer, DeeDee, D-nephew. On and on. And nobody ever, ever gets it right on the phone. I always give my husband’s name for take out even if he’s not with me (Matt). The whole reason I ended up here was looking for ideas for nicknames because I got called Jenine a few days ago. 🙄

  3. Denise Peta says:

    I have always hated my name, I’m 50 and cringe whenever I hear it. I go by Dee. One of the most embarrassing things I was called was in yr 6 after a school dance, my mother came to pick me up and in front of everyone, called me Neesee (I had never been called that before). I got teased mercilessly for that. Also hate Denise the menise (like dennis the menace). Wonder if it’s too late to just change it…

    • Denise says:

      My mom named my Denise and I have hated it my whole life. At 40 I changed it. Your name can literally be whatever you want it to be. I didn’t officially change it, I just started introducing myself by my chosen name and told my friends I was changing. My family and friends were totally supportive of it and all made the change in what they called me. Go for it.

  4. Denise zlane says:

    “Denise I oso” was what I was called for two years in my high school Spanish class. My oldest brother called me Neece my whole life. Then there’s the joke I’ve heard all my life “are the Da niece or da nephew, lol. SMH!

  5. Denise says:

    My given name at birth, Denise Ann. I’ve always been called Nisee Pooh by my family and I love it! Some of my closest cousins call me Dizzy Denise because I suffered from Vertigo several times in my life and still do occasionally have it. I love my name because it’s rare and unique. My parents were going to name me Rhonda Louise because my mother’s name is Louise and my father’s is Roland but he always sent by Ron. Thankful they chose the one I have instead. I can’t help but think of how many times “Help me Rhonda” by the beach boys would have plagued me my whole life. I’m 54 now so too many for my comfort zone,lol. Blessed and happily called “Nisee Baby” too!

  6. Denise says:

    I was christened Denise but I have always been called Neisie from the day I was born. I am now 64 and I love my name.

  7. Denisa says:

    I hate my name so much but people call me deni which is okay but personally I think dinnie is the cutest

  8. Denise says:

    My grandmother called me Neeser when I was little. My sister Karen was Kranny. She had a nickname for everyone!

  9. Denise says:

    My nickname was Nisey or Denny growing up!

  10. Denise says:

    I think Deni-noo Or deni-si-o-so would be a great nick name

  11. Deniss chavez says:

    My friends call me “Nis” short for Denise

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