Origin: Greek

Meaning: “”follower of Demetrius”
feminine of Demeter, Demetrius

Best Nicknames:
Dee, Dee Dee, Demi, Demee,
Demie, DiDi, Mimi, RiRi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Demetra, Demetria, Demetris, Demitra,
Demitras, Dimetria, Dimitra, Dimitria

Demetria and Demi TV and Movie Quotes:
“Aunt Demetria is a pismire!” On Borrowed Time (1939)
“I’d gladly be your Ashton if you’d be my Demi.”
7th Heaven: Tonight’s Specials Are… (2006)

Famous people named Demetria or its variations

1. Demi Lovato (b. 1992), American singer
born Demetria Devonne Lovato
1. Demetria Dyan McKinney (b. 1981), American actress, singer
2. Demi Moore (b. 1962), American actress

Demetria Middle Names:
Demetria Elaine
Demetria Haley
Demetria June
Demetria Melanie
Demetria Stephanie

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