Origin: Latin

Meaning: “constant, steadfast”

Best Nicknames:
Connee, Conney, Conni, Connie, Conny

Variations and and Sound Alikes:
Constanca, Constancia, Constanta, Constantia,
Constanz, Constanza, Constanze

Constance TV and Movie Quotes:
“Her name is Constance Flynn and she’s wonderful.”
North and South (1985 mini-series)
“What would I do without you, Constance?”
For Pete’s Wake (2007)

Famous people named Constance or its variations

1. Constance Zimmer (b. 1970), American actress
2. Connie Chung (b. 1946), American journalist
born Constance Yu-Hwa Chung
3. Constance Cary Harrison (1843-1920), American writer;
Civil War nom de plume: Refugitta

Constance Middle Names
Constance Ferne
Constance Elenora
Constance Nicole
Constance Olivia
Constance Pauline

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