Origin: Latin

Meaning: “conception”

Best Nicknames:
Connee, Conney, Conni, Connie, Conny

Variations and and Sound Alikes:
Concepcion, Concepta, Concetta, Conchetta

Concetta TV and Movie Quotes:
“Listen to me. Concetta is right.” The Leopard (1963)
“He called you Connie” She’s All That (1999)

Famous people named Concetta or its variations

1. Connie Sellecca (b. 1955), American actress;
born Concetta Sellecchia
2. Connie Stevens (b. 1938), American actress and singer;
Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia
3. Connie Francis (b. 1938), American singer;
born Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero

Concetta Middle Names
Concetta Allegra
Concetta Diane
Concetta Martina
Concetta Paulette
Concetta Renee

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