Origin: Native American

Meaning: “unintelligible speakers”
Indian tribe name

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Chayan, Chayanne, Cheyanna, Cheyanne, Chyanne,
Shayan, Shayanne, Shyann, Shyanne

Cheyenne TV and Movie Quotes:
“Cheyenne, I would hate to think that I knew more than one person with the nickname ‘Buzzard’.” Reba (2001)
“Cheyenne, why do you always run off when I come here?” Cheyenne: The Storm Riders (1956)
“I am not Crow… I am Cheyenne!” Windwalker (1981)

Famous people named Cheyenne or its variations

1. Cheyenne Nichole Kimball (b. 1990), American singer
2. Cheyenne Renee Haynes, American actress,
3. Cheyenne Nicole Woods (b. 1990), American golfer

Cheyenne Middle Names
Cheyenne Ehawee
Cheyenne Jo
Cheyenne Opal
Cheyenne Regina
Cheyenne Selena

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