Origin: Native American

Meaning: “unintelligible speakers”
Indian tribe name

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Chayan, Chayanne, Cheyanna, Cheyanne, Chyanne,
Shayan, Shayanne, Shyann, Shyanne

Cheyenne TV and Movie Quotes:
“Cheyenne, I would hate to think that I knew more than one person with the nickname ‘Buzzard’.” Reba (2001)
“Cheyenne, why do you always run off when I come here?” Cheyenne: The Storm Riders (1956)
“I am not Crow… I am Cheyenne!” Windwalker (1981)

Famous people named Cheyenne or its variations

1. Cheyenne Nichole Kimball (b. 1990), American singer
2. Cheyenne Renee Haynes, American actress,
3. Cheyenne Nicole Woods (b. 1990), American golfer

Cheyenne Middle Names
Cheyenne Ehawee
Cheyenne Jo
Cheyenne Opal
Cheyenne Regina
Cheyenne Selena

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  1. Cheyenn says:

    Any good ones

  2. cheyenne says:

    my name is Cheyenne but my friends often say its too long and formal for my personality and none of the little kids I often hang out with like my cousins can’t say it so mostly everyone I know calls me Chey even my teachers I greet people by saying “hi my name is Cheyenne but please, call me chey” but the kids I know mostly call me Chey Chey or Chen and my little sister at one point called me Cheybee or Cherry which I thought was cute and My best friend Anny whom I’ve known since before grade school calls me Anne because when we were like 4 or 5 we wanted to be twins and she couldn’t say my name correctly but it stuck and also since I am technically named after a River my brothers call me River one time my friend accidentally called me Shine and it stuck and I like it :) those are some nicknames that I get called that I think are pretty or cute!

  3. Evanna says:


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