Origin: Old French

Meaning: “cherry”
combination of cherie and cerise

Best Nicknames:
Cher, Cherry, Reesie, Reesy, Risi

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Cherece, Chereese, Cheresa, Cherese, Cheresse, Cherice,
Cherisa, Cherisse, Cherrice, Cherrise, Cheryce, Cheryse

Phrases you might say or hear:
Cherise makes a mean guacamole dip.
When I was a kid, Cherise, we walked to school barefoot.
Cherise loves cream cheese and bagels.

Famous people named Cherise or its variations

1. Cherise Vonae Haugen (b. 1966), model, actress
2. Cherise Roberts (b. 1982), British singer, songwriter
3. Cherise Donovan (b. 1988), Australian actress

Cherise Middle Names
Cherise Anita
Cherise Hope
Cherise Juliana
Cherise Olympia
Cherise Winona

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