Origin: Greek

Meaning: “a delight”

Best Nicknames
Char, Chari, Charmi, Charmie, Charmy, Mimi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Charmiane, Charmien, Charmienne, Charmion, Charmyan

Charmian Book Movie Quotes:
“Charmian nodded in sympathy, but continued to eat her quiche…”
Dead Set: A Charmian Daniels Mystery (1992)
“Charmian had been put to bed.” Memento Mori (1959)

Famous people named Charmian or its variations

1. Charmian Carr (b. 1942), American actress, singer
2. Charmian Hussey (b. 1939), English author
3. Charmion (1875-1949), American trapeze artist, strongwoman
born Laverie Cooper, married surname: Vallee

Charmian Middle Names
Charmian Amelia
Charmian Damaris
Charmian Jade
Charmian Lilith
Charmian Silvie

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