Origin: Hindu

Meaning: “fierce, passionate”

Best Nicknames:
Chandie, Chandy, Channie, Chon, Chonni

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Chandra, Chhanda, Chonda, Chondra

Chanda and Chonda Book Quotes:
“But no, Chanda wouldn’t give up.”
Devil in Pinstripes (2010)
“Chonda had an evil streak in her and it was very active.”
Faces of the Game (2013)

Famous people named Chanda or its variations

1. Chanda Yvette Dancy (b. 1978), American composer,
singer, musician
2. Chhanda Gayen (b. 1979), Bengali mountaineer,
martial artist
3. Chonda Pierce, American comedienne

Chanda Middle Names
Chanda June
Chanda Maite
Chanda Penelope
Chanda Therese

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