Origin: Latin

Meaning: “heavenly”

Best Nicknames:
Cela, Celia, Celie, Lessie, Lissie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Celesse, Celest, Celesta, Celestena, Celestene, Celestia,
Celestial, Celestiel, Celestijna, Celestin, Celestina, Celestine,
Celestinea, Celestyna, Celestyne, Celisse, Celleste

Celeste TV and Movie Quotes:
“Celeste called looking for you.” Mystic River (2003)
“Celeste I understand you very much.” Celeste, Siempre
(1993 TV Series)

Famous people named Celeste or its variations

1. Celeste Rizvana Buckingham (b. 1995), Slovak singer, songwriter
2. Celeste Legaspi (b. 1950), Filipino singer, actress
3. Celeste Yarnall (b. 1944), American actress

Celeste Middle Names
Celeste Cathleen
Celeste Irina
Celeste Marie
Celeste Nevaeh
Celeste Patience

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  1. Celeste says:

    My nick name is celery

  2. Celeste Mal says:

    My whole family calls me “Tete” because when my brother was little he couldn’t pronounce my name so when he tried to say Celeste it would come out as Tete and since then it’s stuck.

  3. Céleste says:

    im french and i find it cute the nicknames in America. My nickname is Cécé

  4. Cele says:

    This is my nickname as a Celeste

  5. Rebecca says:

    We call our Céleste – Tess.

  6. Celeste says:

    Lest, lestie, esttie everyone at school calls me lestie so. My name is celeste

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