Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “charity”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Cachita, Cari, Carida, Carrie, Cary, Dadi

Caridad Book Quotes:
“Caridad came running down the back stairs
and into my apartment.”
Tomorrow They Will Kiss (2009)
“Caridad shook her head with disapproval.”
Consequences of Passion (2011)

Famous people named Caridad or its variations

1. Caridad Svich (b. 1963), American playwright, songwriter
2. Caridad Sanchez (b. 1936), Philippine actress
3. Caridad Bravo Adams (1908-90), Mexican telenovela writer

Caridad Middle Names:
Caridad Abril
Caridad Jacinta
Caridad Michelle
Caridad Luz
Caridad Ramona

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